Brittany Berg

Orleans and surrounding area

  • Monday-Thursday: daytime and evening

Individual counselling

  • Addictions
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Career and Workplace
  • Change & Transition
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Depression
  • Existential Angst
  • Grief and Loss
  • Happiness / Positive Psychology
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Personal Growth
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Esteem/Worth
  • Trauma & PTSD

Couples/Marriage Therapy

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • Post-Affair Couples Therapy
  • Pre-Marital Counselling
  • Sexual Health

Family Counselling

  • Blended Families
  • Teenage Issues
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Relationship Diversity
  • Separation & Divorce Transitions
  • Postpartum Depression

Due to the fluctuating, ever-unpredictable nature of the journey through our lives, we undoubtedly come up against situations, circumstances, and life events that can cause us to feel lost, overwhelmed, or unsure. We may find ourselves asking questions like, ‘Am I making the right choice?’ ‘Why do I always find myself here?’ ‘How am I supposed to be able to handle this?’ ‘Where do I go from here?’ and even, ‘Who am I?’ It is in these times that we recognize that there is no manual for ‘how to live’, and that navigating through life’s ups and downs, complications, major decisions, and unexpected and difficult trajectories is not an instinct, but a learned skill. You have taken the first step in your commitment to your own wellbeing, comfort, and happiness, and I am here to walk alongside you.


As a clinician, I take an insight-based approach to therapy. When we are able to reach deeper insight into the mind we inhabit, we are able to identify emerging patterns regarding particular ways we approach and manage interactions, relationships, emotions, and thoughts. In taking a collaborative and integrative approach to therapy, I am able to include psychodynamic, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural, systemic, and emotion-focused therapeutic modalities where they fit in accordance with each client’s goals. I believe that the combination of these therapeutic elements allows for clients to foster a deeper and more substantial understanding of themselves, which in turn fosters the perspective and insight essential for optimal health, progress, and growth.


During your first appointment we will work together to identify and assess your unique goals, so that we are able to collaboratively create a treatment plan catered to your specific needs, in a supportive, respectful, and safe environment. With regard to couple therapy, I will first assist you in identifying, exploring, and unpacking areas in which you wish to see positive changes, and we will use these goals to guide us on our journey. We will work with one another in the creation and maintenance of a more secure and connected inter-partner bond, more functional and empathic communication skills, and more effective ways of managing distressing conflicts. I seek to assist both individuals and couples in creating a more stable, secure, and resilient sense of self or partnership in order to manage and overcome current struggles, while at the same time building the understanding and strength necessary to overcome those that will present themselves in the future.

  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
  • College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) – application in progress
  • Master of Arts, Counselling and Spiritiuality – Saint Paul University School of Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Spirituality (2017)
  • Specialization: Individual Therapy
  • Specialization: Couple and Family Therapy
  • Bachelor of Arts, Double Major – University of Guelph (2011)
  • Major: Psychology
  • Major: Criminal Justice and Public Policy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training, ACT 1 (2016)
  • Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT), Dr. Stan Tatkin, intensive training (2014)
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASSIST) (2013)

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