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Anxiety and Depression FAQs

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is known to be the most effective form of therapy for helping patients deal with anxiety disorders. That being said, therapy and coping strategies are most effective when customized and tailored to fit the individual seeking out treatment. What may work for the majority of people might not work for everyone. At Ottawa Youth Counseling, we ensure each therapy approach is just as unique as the patients we work with every day.

If you are experiencing youth anxiety or know someone who is, there are many different ways in which seeking out counselling can be beneficial for your mental well-being. Seeking out counselling for youth anxiety can help you identify the causes or triggers of your anxiety. It also can help you gain new perspectives, learn coping techniques, learn better lifestyle habits, regulate emotions better, and access a safe environment to relieve some burdens by giving you a platform to share your thoughts.

Anxiety disorders can significantly impact the way you live your life. Because anxiety can be debilitating for youth, learning how to cope with anxiety takes time and patience. Learning coping skills is the first step, but implementing them into your life when you need them most can be a skill that takes time. Contact Ottawa Youth Counselling to learn how having a therapist can help youth anxiety!

A few different ways anxiety can affect youth include poor school performance, insomnia or trouble sleeping, substance abuse, low self-esteem, fear of social interaction, and much much more.

Talk therapy is usually the traditional method of therapy one thinks of when referring to counselling or therapy. Talk therapy for youth anxiety or depression involves treating mental, emotional, and behavioural issues through discussion, listening, and support.

Booking an appointment with Ottawa Youth Counselling can help point you in the right direction for youth depression therapy. Engaging in talk therapy and making lifestyle changes can all help with youth depression. Call us at: (613) 425-4257 to get started.