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Youth Counselling FAQs

Parental or parenting therapy is a specific form of therapy that focuses on working with parents and guardians to deal with stressful or difficult moments related to parenting.

Children or teens of any age can have disruptive behaviour that negatively impacts their own lives and the lives of others. Youth or teen therapy can help patients regulate emotions, learn valuable life skills, solidify confidence, and reduce destructive behaviours by finding underlying causes or problems.

When looking for a therapist for yourself or a loved one, credentials, specializations, certifications, and experience are always important. Asking what their plans for treatment might look like if you were to work together is also a good idea. Overall, take note of how you feel when talking to them. Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel understood and heard? Do you feel like you could express your feelings or problems to them?

Crying while discussing personal matters or problems is normal and many patients do it during their sessions. The therapists at Ottawa Youth Counselling are very familiar with these heavy interactions and do not mind at all.

In Ontario, confidentiality applies to both adults and teens. If you want to speak with your therapist about private information, you can decide who has or doesn’t have access to this information including your parents. However, certain circumstances like being required by law allow them to disclose confidential information. This can include a duty to warn intended victims, report suspected child abuse, or if they get subpoenaed by court.

In Ontario, OHIP does not cover services provided by registered social workers psychologists or psychotherapists. These services are rarely covered but it’s possible if they are provided in a government-funded establishment (part of an FHT) or your family doctor has the medical training. If the services are not covered and you have private health insurance from work or elsewhere, they would be the contact to ask regarding general coverage.