Finding a Part-Time Job That Doesn’t Suck

Ottawa part time job youth teenFinding and working a part-time job, for many, is a simple rite of passage through the teenage years. With no experience or demonstrated workplace skills, teens are required to seek and find jobs at the bottom of the ladder wherever they manage to get hired. The nature of these jobs is often extremely demanding, providing little pay, and with little chance to connect with meaningful experiences, it can be difficult to find fulfilling work. With the right understanding, it’s possible to find jobs that provide more value to the worker than just a small paycheck. Learn how with Ottawa Youth Counselling.


Consider Labouring

Ottawa part time job youth teenIn Ontario, there is a massive skills gap in the trades. Electricians, masons, plumbers, and more are losing their access to experienced workers, putting a massive premium on those who have demonstrated their capacity to work hard. Not only does the high demand for good help make labouring for tradespeople a solid financial decision, but working in the trades offers unique access to the satisfaction of a job well done. Performing work with expensive, professional machinery to create homes and home fixtures for families and businesses provides a level of satisfaction far above that of working in fast-food.


Learn To Network

The standard procedure for teens when finding a part time job consists primarily of filling out application after application, hoping that one will result in an interview. This is generally a recipe for finding an unfulfilling job, as typically only large companies with high employee turn over take the time to create and manage application form systems. Not only this, but it’s also more difficult to compete for available positions by differentiating your application.

Instead, consider small-to-medium sized businesses. Doctors, dentists, property managers, and more all need help; but simply cannot afford to invest in the infrastructure necessary to offer a formal application process. These jobs require a more personal approach. Consider dropping in unannounced to their office with a resume, maybe with a peace offering of donuts, and try and get to know the people who work there. Even searching around sites like for free networking events in your area could be a good idea! The absolute worst case scenario is that you go to one and come out unsuccessful, the best being that you get a job at the entry level of an industry that you are interested in. When it comes time to getting a full-time job in that industry, you’ll have a massive leg up on the competition.


Ottawa part time job youth teenOttawa Youth Counselling

Still struggling to think of a job that will deliver decent pay, decent work, and decent satisfaction? While many would argue that you can only ever have two of those requirements, with enough effort and outside-the-box thinking, it’s not possible to land all three! These are only two ideas outside the regular consideration of most teens, but many more exist! Check back to our blog for more later!